NACO - Norwegian Atlantic Current Observatory

NACO - A national ocean research facility

Geophysical Institute (GFI), University of Bergen, Norway serves as responsible host for the Norwegian Atlantic Current Observatory (NACO facility). Operations are coordinated with Institute of Marine Research (IMR) and Runde Environmental Centre (REC) for launch/recovery, flight control of gliders and field instrumentation. Principles for operation of the gliders are determined by a Scientific User Committee. The infrastructure is accessible for qualified users through the internet.

Primary and secondary objectives

The primary objective of the Norwegian Atlantic Current Observatory is to bridge existing homogeneous single point time series of climate and environmental variability in the pathway from the Atlantic to the Arctic with forward-looking modern and efficient methods for continuous observations in larger areas.

Figure: Time series - cross section from the Lofoten basin

Secondary objectives are to make time series data easily available in a quality controlled and user friendly form, to introduce and document new ocean observation technology and to provide a basis for documenting, understanding and predicting climate and environment variability and change in the Atlantic approach to the Arctic through the Norwegian Sea.

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